Wednesday, August 31, 2011


 Well, just recently we celebrated my two oldest's birthday's. We put them together again this year, well, just because it's easier. They are still young enough that they're not wanting to invite their "own" friends, and one doesn't have to sit and watch while the other opens presents, they can do it together! Besides our youngest will be turning one this year, so we'll want to do his b-day kind-of big.
 Last year I made the kids a "Thomas the Train" cake (because they love Thomas the Train). And they have been asking for another train for this years party since. Levi wanted an Emily, and Lydia just wanted purple. That is, up until about a week before the party. Lately, the kids have been infatuated with knights and castle's. Levi says He is a knight and Lydia is a princess and he must save her from the dragon. So, recently they requested a castle cake. So, I winged it, and this is what they got. Please, don't laugh at the sloppyness of it, I only had about an hour to decorate it... long story.

 Here, is a close-up of
  the knight and princess
  on the cake. I thought it
   would be cute to actually
  make it Levi and Lydia,
  and the quickest way I
 could think of to do
that was to simply cut out a picture of their face and tape it to little figurines. Which we borrowed, Thanks Uncle Caleb!

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