Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Coming Soon...

       Well, coming very soon (I hope) will be a post about a quilt I just finished. I have made a few other quilts in the past... and maybe someday will post pics. But this particular quilt I am blogging of is the first quilt I EVER quilted. (I just tacked all the rest) Well, to be honest, turns out I am a VERY slow quilter. I would probably get faster with more practice, but we'll have to see bout that. So, long story short, my mom actually quilted probably 3/4 of it. (hides face in shame). However, I did to the top and binding myself. That's something, right?
         My sister gradated High School in 2010. So, Christmas (of 2009) I gave her an i.o.u. for Christmas, and promised her a handmade twin size quilt for her dorm. Um, yeah, well, she has already finished one year of College, and the quilt was still not finished =( So this summer I was determined to get this quilt DONE! So, with the help of my dear mother (thanks mom) it is finally finished! At least my sis will actually get to use it this year.    

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