Wednesday, August 31, 2011

For anyone interested...

So, in my last post I made a comment about the sloppy cake being a long story. Well, I thought I'd share that if anyone is interested. I originally started to make the cake on Friday, that way it had time to cool, and I would have most of Saturday to decorate it. It seems, however, God had other plans. I started the cake around noon-ish on Friday. My mom came to see me on her lunch break, and I had asked her to stop at the store and pick up some icing and a few other things that I needed for the party (that way I didn't have to go to the store by myself with all three kiddos). So, I get two bowls out, one for chocolate cake, and one for yellow cake. (I usually make it half and half) I begin putting my ingredients in the bowl, I am letting Levi and Lydia help, so it's going pretty slow, then I remember, I usually double the recipe for my large pan. I already have the flour and sugar in the bowls, and the sugar is still open so I decide to finish sugar first then go back and add my second batch of flour. Well, I run out of sugar, no big deal I just substitute brown sugar in the chocolate cake. I begin to add the rest of my ingredients, but then, I run out of cocoa. It's inevitable, I have to go to the grocery store. Finally, I get home, add the rest of my ingredients, beat them according to recipe directions, bake the cake, take it out of the oven, let it cool, take it out of the pan... it looks like rubber! What happened? I make this cake all the time, why didn't it turn out? Next morning, Saturday, day of the party, I tell my husband to taste it, maybe it taste's ok and we can still use it. Nope, it also taste's like rubber. I'm racking my brain trying to figure out why it didn't turn out. Then, as I'm doing the dishes I remember, I never went back and added the rest of the flour. Throw it away, start over. I redo everything, bake it, take it out, let it cool. Again, I forgot one cup of flour in the yellow cake, but the chocolate was good. I just wasn't meant to make a good cake for this party. Lesson learned, stop trying to do two recipes at one time, measure them separately. For those of you that can measure out more than one recipe at a time and not forget half of the ingredients in one or the other, I applaud you!

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