Saturday, September 24, 2011


 Well, we recently celebrated my youngest's 1st Birthday! It is so amazing how they grow up so fast! I sort of did a Dr. Seuss theme with the cake... or at least I tried. It didn't exactly turn out the way I had in my head. And no, sadly the idea was not my own, I got it off of the internet. I still can't believe my little one is ONE already.

Here is a little close-up of the baby "trying to climb" on the cake. He was made out of fondant, please don't laugh, it was my first time ever touching fondant. The little saying at the bottom of the cake reads "No, No, No, You should not climb about, You should not climb about while your mother is out."

Here is the sweet thing himself devouring the cake. How delicious. He seems to be enjoying it! And no, He did not eat the entire cake. I took it away before he got that far:) And also no he didn't cry when I took it, he's a purty good boy!

Oh, and then there was after the cake. Needless the say My messy little boy got a bath.

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