Thursday, January 12, 2012

Finding Time to Read

My husband and I will be married 7 years this coming march. Up until this past year, I have not read one single book since we got married... that's a long time to not be reading. Especially considering I used to read a book a week. Now, don't get me wrong I have read an article here, or a passage there. I have read in the Bible, (though not nearly enough) but not actually sat down and read a book. Well recently I have tried to pick back up on reading, not really storybooks, but books nonetheless. I have read "Shepherding a Child's Heart" by Tedd Tripp, which I recommend to all parents. I have read a book about classical conversations which is basically a home school group that uses the classical method of teaching. And just recently, I read this book:
I must say, if you are a mother, especially of more than one small child, you MUST read this book. It is super easy to read, so even though you're super busy you can read this book. It only took me a couple of hours to read it... aloud! I kept reading parts, and I thought they were so hilarious, that I re-read them to my husband. As previously stated, this book was Sooo funny, and very inspirational, and full of little tips that could help any mom. The author, Rachel Jankovic, wrote this book WHILE she had 5 children ages 5 and under! So, I guess that explains why I liked it so much, seeing as I am expecting my 4th under 4! Anyway it was a great book... you should read it=)

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