Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Getting Crafty

Today, I'm talkin bout card making. I've never thought myself necessarily not good at it, but I've never been 100% pleased with my results either. I see homemade cards all the time, and think to myself "oh that's so cute... I could do that" but then when I sit down and actually make a card, it seems my creative juices run dry and I'm left with a so-so card that was probably sparked from other inspiration. There are people in my family, and some of my church family, that are just so darn good at card making. I will admit there is a hint of jealousy in the previous statement. Anyway, long story short, I just recently made a card, for my sis-in-law, that I'm pretty proud of. (If you disagree, keep comments to self and don't burst my bubble... just kidding, sort-of.) I made it for her baby shower (which I didn't get to go to because of still possibly being
contagious =( ) Anyway, here is the front,
along with a little insert I put in:
and this is the inside.
 I tried to make it neutral since they aren't finding out what they're having. The suspense is killing me. Well, there it is. So, what do ya think?


  1. Did you know I was doing lambs in the nursery? I didn't know if I had told you or not but the little lamb on the card fits perfectly!

  2. Yeah, I did know... but I don't think you told me, I believe Becca mentioned it. I also thought about getting you this really cute lamb piggy bank that I saw in country homes magazine, but I wasn't sure if you would like it or not.