Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Dress for Tippy

So, I had a maternity dress, that for all four pregnancies I hardly wore because it was too short for my liking. I did not take pictures... sorry. So, several weeks ago, I got the bright idea to shorten it to make it a shirt. I really liked the checked pattern of the material, and hated to throw the strip I cut off the bottom away. A big checked bow popped in my head, which inspired me to make Lydia a dress. I had an exact idea of what I wanted the dress to look like in my head. Having no pattern, and no patience to wait and get one I sat down at the sewing machine to make a dress.
I didn't have enough of the checked to make a BIG bow, so a little one had to do. I also wanted to make the bottom half flare a little instead of being straight, but again I didn't have enough material. There was just enough to fit around the dress.
It being winter, we had to put an undershirt and tights with it, but I think it will make a cute summer dress too. I like when they can wear something for two seasons, especially homemade items. They grow so fast, it makes it more worth it when they can wear it longer... not that they're not worth it themselves=)
She absolutely loved the dress when I finished it. I love how they don't see as many flaws when they're so young. However, in this pic, it was Sunday before church, and this particular morning she woke up grumpy.Any way, I was pretty pleased with the results overall, and we matched for church;) 

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