Friday, April 20, 2012

Infant Baptism

Amos Lee's baptism was a couple weeks ago. A symbol that he is now a member of the covenant family. I've been putting this post off for a bit now. Not because I dreaded it or anything, but because I wanted to put a picture with it. The only pics I have though don't show Amos very well. I was going to freeze frame part of the video that Aunt A.K. did for me, but I haven't got around to it. Why infant baptism you ask? Well, I'll admit, it's kinda hard for me to explain. I myself grew up independent baptist, and we practiced baptism by submersion after salvation, as a sign of obeying God. When I married, my husband was Presbyterian, and we now attend a congregationalist church of the reformed doctrine. And they (we) understand the Bible slightly different on the subject of baptism. We believe that we are to continue in the practice that circumcision represented in the old testament. However, nowadays that circumcision is used for medical reasons it has been replaced with baptism. When we baptize our children, it is a "dedication" if you will. A contract with our Lord Jesus Christ that we will do our best to bring our children up in a God-centered home. And teach them His word and law. And when we do that we are also setting our children apart, not saving them, but that they will be held more accountable because they have been taught. Which I admit, I feel is a little scary, but more so a blessing.

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