Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sewing Machine Dilemma

Well, it was a dilemma, but I guess it's not anymore... cause Ben bought me a new one. Yep, you heard right a brand new machine just for me! Ok, time to quit being so braggish. It was necessary though. We went and got my old one out of the other house, and from far away it didn't really look damaged. I mean, it wasn't melted or anything, but once you got up close, it looked like this:
And up Closer:
So yeah, all the little parts that make a sewing machine sew were rusted. So, my two options were not get a new one and not sew (unless I did it all by hand which would be ok but a machine is so much faster) which, let's face it not sewing for me is really not an option, so I stand corrected the only option really was: to get a new one. And so, Hubby got me this beauty:
In all reality, we really splurged on this, and let's be honest, given the circumstances (seeing as how we're gonna need new furniture and such things) we really shouldn't have. I seriously, figured I would just get one exactly like my old one. I loved it! It was inexpensive, simple, and it worked like a charm. It made beautiful stitches, and I had had it for 7 years, sewn plenty of things on it even jeans, and I've never even had to change the needle. Yeah, it was a great machine. But, alas, it did not do much. It did straight stitches, zig-zag stitches, and Oh yes, it made button holes...but, that's about it. Ben knew I had been wanting an embroidery machine for a while (I wouldn't mind starting to do a few little projects to sell) So, my sweet man got me an embroider/ sewing machine in one. And hey, maybe I'll be really good and sell lots of things and it will pay for itself. Well, ok, it was a dream anyway. As you can tell, I'm really pleased and I cant wait to play with my new toy!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Well, not with this post...but, I promised you pictures and they are coming. It's just so stinkin' aggravating trying to load pics onto a computer right now. Not that USB cords are that expensive to just go pick up, I just haven't done that yet. Besides, I take most pics with my phone right now. (someday I may talk hubby into buying me a pro camera) Until then... My phone does have a sim card, not that I've picked up an adapter either. So, yeah, the only way I can get pics on here is by painstakingly texting each one of them individually to my e-mail then copy and pasting them into documents THEN uploading them from documents to my blog. I know, I know all you computer savvy people are laughing at me because there's probably a much easier way to do this... but alas, I don't know what it is. So, eventually there will be a pic post off my little darlin's, just... not... today.

P.S. complain, complain, complain... thanks for listening. Ttyl, Canna.