Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Well, not with this post...but, I promised you pictures and they are coming. It's just so stinkin' aggravating trying to load pics onto a computer right now. Not that USB cords are that expensive to just go pick up, I just haven't done that yet. Besides, I take most pics with my phone right now. (someday I may talk hubby into buying me a pro camera) Until then... My phone does have a sim card, not that I've picked up an adapter either. So, yeah, the only way I can get pics on here is by painstakingly texting each one of them individually to my e-mail then copy and pasting them into documents THEN uploading them from documents to my blog. I know, I know all you computer savvy people are laughing at me because there's probably a much easier way to do this... but alas, I don't know what it is. So, eventually there will be a pic post off my little darlin's, just... not... today.

P.S. complain, complain, complain... thanks for listening. Ttyl, Canna.

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