Thursday, September 6, 2012

I Promised Pictures... You Got Lots of Pictures!

Okie Dokie, here is a mile long post of a ton of pics that I just felt like sharing (in no particular order), oh, and a couple of videos too. Some of these are from "way" back. (several months ago) Which isn't technically way back, but in the life of babies... well, you get the idea.
The following is a video of Ephraim "honking" his nose and thinking it was a pure hoot. He was making Mommy laugh too.
Next are a few of Lydia, she is definitely not camera shy. She asks me to take pictures of her ALL the time, and of course she wants to see them as soon as you take them. So first, she is in her P.J.'s. Then a couple of when we tried out sponge rollers, her hair isn't really long enough. The medium size curlers tend to just slip out while the smallest size makes the curl far too kinky and looks like a fro.
This pic is after leaving the rollers in for just an hour or two, which I think turned out pretty nice. When I used the tiny rollers she slept in them all night, which also would have contributed to the fro effect. Maybe I can try the tiny curlers for just an hour or so and see if that works.
This next pic is of Ephraim "riding'' bikes. He likes to put the helmet on himself and half the time he wears it backwards. Also, I wish I had a pic, but the other half the time he wears it covering his eyes.
Awww, and here's a picture of Lydia lovin' up on Amos... so sweet!
Travel Pillows. Yep, that's what is around the darlin's necks. My kids, (and myself) have a major weakness for anything super soft.
Lydia is so full of love, she loves to give love away. (She can be rough, but loves nonetheless) Here is a pic of her lovin' up on me. Then the others decided to join in, so I got some mommy/kiddo pictures.
Next are a couple shots of Amos, he is ALWAYS the happiest little guy around. I seriously mean always, he is ''pretty much'' never unhappy for no reason. He mainly only cries when he is hungry, or needs to burp.
...and he always has his tongue sticking out. Too cute.
And below, a shot of Ben and I. This is the man who makes it all happen. He is the handsomest, most hardworking, BEST husband in the world. Feel free to disagree, I hope that you wives out there feel the same about your man. *disclaimer* yes we are normal, I won't pretend that I feel this way every second of every day, we do fight just like every other married couple in the world, but I can honestly say I do feel this way most of the time. He makes me feel special, and I love him.
Next, Aunt Becca likes to do face painting on the kids. So, here, she gave Ephraim some whiskers and things. Of course, with him it doesn't take long to get all smudged.

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