Thursday, September 6, 2012

I Told You it was Long... Pics Continued

Here is more of Aunt Becca's face painting. Aren't these adorable?
Ok, the picture below was taken a while back. It's a pic of Ephraim falling asleep sitting up in his crib. I wish I had an old pic to show you, but the funny part about this is that Ben used to do the same thing.
Below is a video I just HAD to share. Amos is only a couple months old in this vid, and he loved to ''jaber'' like crazy. At about the minute mark I tell Amos I love him twice in a row and one could swear that he responds "i love you good" of course it was a coincidence, but this is a video I will cherish forever.
And, we have a thumb sucker. He is my only child so far that has sucked his thumb. My first two took a paci. Ephraim wanted neither, and Amos sucks his thumb. I guess Ben sucked his thumb for a while, only while he was holding a stuffed animal or blanket or something. Until... his dad bought it from him and he never sucked his thumb again. True story.
Once again, just a happy little fellow.
Finally, a pic of Levi. In case you're wondering, yes I love him too. But, unlike Lydia, Levi is camera moody. It can be quite hard to get a pic of him sometimes. But, when you do, you better bet it's gonna be a handsome picture.
Next, another picture of me and the kids. Amos is in this one. Ben took it for me. Ephraim was trying to get away, he did not want to be in the pic this time. I would have liked to have had Ben in this pic, and we did try one with him in it, but, he hadn't showered after work yet, and let's just say this particular day was one of his more greasy ones. Yeah, it was kinda scary.
Here it is, proof they love each other. Levi and Lydia are 14 months apart, and let me tell ya, they can bicker. But, when all is said and done, they really do love one another.
Below is one of those "had to have been there" moments. It was taken a couple of months ago. The men were going shooting or something and Aunt A.K. and Conrad came over for a visit between church. The kids went wild! They like to show off, and they didn't stop running around the wood stove the whole time.
Well, I take that back, they did stop just long enough for me to get this lovely shot of them.
Happy man again. Isn't it interesting how you dress babies makes them look so different? Put them in a sleeper or romper and they look like darling babies, put them in jeans and they look so "grown up".
And this look, let me just say it melts my heart.
Ephraim is OUT. I love these little flannel p.j.'s, got them brand new at goodwill. I also love goodwill. I would also love to take this baby right outta this picture and just sit and hold him for a while.
The next two pictures, they all had just got up in the mornin and all piled into bed with me. Well, they rooted me right out, but they all looked so precious snuggled up together.
The others must have rooted Levi out too cause he ended up in the floor. It doesn't look like he seemed to mind though.
Here is Ephraim sharing some lovin's with Amos, you can barely see Amos' head Ephraim was practically on top of him.
You know, Ephraim can be doggone cute sometimes. Well, ok, he's pretty much cute all the time
This is a pic of Lydia with my papaw Jesse. He is my mom's dad. This pic is priceless because he loves his great grand babies so much, but you don't understand, it is very rare for him to show it. This pic also made me realize I hardly have any pics of the kids with family lately. I'm gonna have to work on that.
Levi and Ephraim peacefully sharing a chair.
Following are a couple pics of Lydia right after a haircut. It took all I had in me to cut her hair, but it really needed it. I pretty much only cut the back. Her hair is soo thin, and it didn't seem to be growing in front, it looked kind of like she had a mullet. So I cut about 4 to 5 inches off the back to even it up. It looks better now, hopefully it will help to thicken it up a little. And it has already grown a couple of inches since then. And yes, that is a pickle in her hand, that girl LOVES pickles.
And last but not least, these last four pics are to show you the massive resemblance between Ephraim and Amos. I mean, I know they're brothers, but it's actually going to be hard in the future looking back at pictures and remembering which one's which. The first two in the long sleeved shirt is Ephraim, the last two are Amos... what do you think? Do you think it's hard to tell them apart?


  1. Good Pictures! That one of Amos in his carseat is too precious. I'll have to snag some of them for my fridge. If you don't care of course =)

    1. nope, don't care a bit... that reminds me could i get a couple of those pictures of Conrad? I didn't keep any at church the other day.