Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Well folks, long time no post. But finally my first trimester is officially over, and while my morning sickness was extremely minimal this pregnancy  (i.e. almost none other than queasy if I didn't eat) the fatigue made up for it. I seriously could not vacuum a room without having to rest. I think I'm on the end of that phase though, as I'm not quite ready to run a marathon, my energy is improving. I have several posts that I have been wanting to put up lately, but I think I may just pick out the highlights, and consolidate several mini posts into one long post... so you can be looking for that if you wanna. Does everyone have all of their Christmas shopping done? I am close, just a couple more gifts to pick up. We are going to go get a GIANT live tree this year since the living room in our new house has a cathedral ceiling.  What about you, do you like to  get a live tree? Do you have any other specific traditions you like to do for Christmas? I would especially love to hear about traditions that focus on the real reason for Christmas! I look forward to hearing from you.