Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Nail Art

 So, the other day was a rare occasion. My children were in bed... all asleep, my husband was on a road call, and surprisingly, I wasn't so tired that I wanted to go to bed. This situation left me feeling rather bored. So, in my search of something to do I sat at the computer to check my e-mail. After logging on, I got a little side-tracked reading "whatever" articles on-line. Apparently, according to the internet people are "getting over" nail art. I guess I will admit that I am not one of those people. I still love nail art. I like it on my nails and I like doing it, it's fun... and pretty. Although I occasionally do get in the mood for something plain and simple, I typically find one color, well, boring. Anyhoo, all this to say, I did my nails last night. Ben was watching presidential speeches, and once again, kids were in bed. So I sat beside Ben at the computer and "did my nails." And, since I didn't have to get Amos out of the cabinet right away, or get Lydia off the counter, they actually had time to dry! So, I took pictures, because honestly I really like how they turned out.

 If you click on the pictures, I think it makes them bigger, so you can see the detail more clearly. (but you don't have to if you don't want=) ) and below is a close-up anyway, however, please try to avoid noticing the despicable condition my cuticles are in. I have the driest, worst cuticles ever, so if any of you out there have any tricks of taking care of cuticles and getting rid of hangnails, PLEASE, let me know.

 Well, there you have it, my manicure. (for probably the next two weeks or until it wears off, or whatever comes...last?.)


  1. The look like little jonquils! Cute.

    1. Yes, I am already ready for spring. Have had Easter on the brain lately, brainstorming Easter outfits and things of that nature.