Monday, February 11, 2013

You'll Just Have to See for Yourself

I fear that by posting this it may give people a false representation of who I really am. Just so you know, my "real inner" self is fun-loving and carefree. I feel sometimes as though I now come across as "just a boring mom" or an old fogey. Though inwardly I do still LOVE to goof off and act crazy, I feel like I have matured a little.  Long story short, don't let my posting this offend you. Sadly, I have heard the "real" version of the song and won't even begin to describe how much I do NOT approve. Also, there are parts of this video that are a little over the top, but I just could not resist, I will just flat out admit, I found the majority of this video to be true, not to mention downright HILARIOUS. So, sit back and enjoy... or not. Your choice:)

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