Friday, March 29, 2013

Fevers Again?!

Sigh. Well, at least thankfully these fevers are just from getting their shots, and they're not actually sick...but still. Three of my four youngins got shots yesterday. (Ephraim is up to date till he's four.) Levi and Lydia got their "4 year old school shots" (Levi is 5, but since we home school he was allowed to wait) and Amos got his 12 month shots. All 3 of them were supposed to get MMR and Varicella, but since I'm pregnant they can't have the live virus vaccines right now. So, come July, four of my five children will be getting shots. Levi, Lydia, and Amos will be getting their MMR and Varicella, and Addie will be getting her first newborn shots. "Now isn't that something to look forward to" she said sarcastically.

How'd they do with their shots you ask, well, Amos is still too young to really know what exactly is going down. So, he did pretty well. He whimpered a little with the last one since the medicine burns a bit, but other than that he was just fine. Lydia sat there like a pro. She never even flinched with all three shots. Today however she has not stopped crying that her arm hurts, bless her heart. (I'll share a little trick about that in a bit) Levi on the other hand. As soon as the nurse got the needles out he went ballistic. I had to wrap both my legs and both my arms around him so the nurse could give him a shot. You know, 5 year olds are really strong. It took all the strength I had to hold him. He still jerked a bit when she gave him the shot, so the needle cut him a tad. But, I think he is doing better with it today than Lydia is.

So, about that little trick. Vick's vapor rub. If you put a dab of it directly on the shot "hole" it helps with the pain. With ALL of my kiddos shots I have noticed they hurt a lot worse on the shot sight when I don't use the Vick's salve. Also, another thing I have noticed is, when I use the Vick's, they never get that hard red knot where they got the shot. If I don't use it, they do. And the knot is usually hot too, and just looks painful. You have to put it on right after they get the shot though. Like as soon as you get in the car from the docs office. Or else, it tends to not be as effective. So, there you have it. My little "trick".

*Disclaimer* My trick was not shared to me by any doctor, my mom told me to do it, and it worked...I never asked her where she heard it from. So, it could be an "old wives tale" for all I know, but, in my experience it has worked.

Monday, March 25, 2013

A Little Behind

Ok, so, I had several posts that I wanted to share. But, I just can't seem to get to it these days. We have been a germ-ridden house the last 2 months. Not that that's an excuse or anything. So, one thing I wanted to post about, but never quite got around to, was that post I promised a LONG time ago. You know, the one about combining several posts into one post. Well, sorry to let you down, but I don't think it's going to happen. It involved a trip to the horse park, and a couple other things, but it seems like so long ago it just doesn't feel right posting.

Anyhoo, moving on. another post... my sister JUST GOT MARRIED! It's super exciting, the wedding was December 29, and although we had the flu and barely got to participate in the whole thing (i.e. not even making it to rehearsal) it was still fun. Levi was the ring bearer, and Lydia was the flower girl. they did surprisingly well, considering we just got there and said okay do "this" while you walk down the isle then stand there till it's over. Ephraim was supposed to hold the train, but without practice and him still being sick we didn't even try that one. I still plan on posting pictures, but this time I am making no promises.

Another post I had planned was Amos just recently celebrated his first birthday. Feb. 9. I won't say much about it because I really do still plan on putting that post up. I had all the pics selected and what I wanted to say about each one, I just never got around to uploading them to the blog.

Well, summing up, back to paragraph one. I mentioned being sick for two months. Allow me to explain. It all started with Lydia having a high fever (103) that turned out to be an ear infection. Which isn't SO bad, I mean, at least it's not contagious. Well, we just finished her antibiotics (sorta, I forgot a couple doses) when Ephraim got a fever of 104! We took him to the doc. turned out he also had an ear infection. NEXT DAY, is mine and Ben's anniversary, we go out on a date (actually leave on time so we actually have time for a date and not just grab dinner quick before picking up the kids) we had just sat down at O'Charley's when my mother-in-law calls and says Lydia's temp. is 101. I think to myself great, her ear infection is back because I didn't 100 % finish her antibiotics. Then my mother-in-law calls back and says Levi's temp. is 101. So then I know it must not be just an ear infection. We finish eating, and you guessed it, head back to pick up the kiddos. I kept an eye on their temps. overnight and they got really high, like Ephraim's did, and hard to get down. So, I take them to the doc. they have no other symptoms, no cough, ears look good, lungs sound good, just a fever. So doc sends them home. This fever lasts almost 2 WEEKS. Just when Levi and Lydia are almost over it (it staying down around 99 without medicine) Amos spikes a fever. By this time I am exhausted, I mean I had been getting up every hour on the hour for two weeks to check temps. and sometimes having to give another dose of Motrin or put one in the tub to bring a fever down. I guess you could say I was less than grateful at this point. Thankfully, Amos' fever only lasted a few days, but then...his virus turned into pinkeye. I was scared to death we would all get it. Back to the doc again I went with Amos, and doc gave me a gel to put in his eye 3 times a day. It only took a few days to clear up, and Praise God, no one else got it. After all of that, I go to give Ephraim a hair cut, and find a tick in his head. It had already gotten a little big, so I don't know how long it had been there. I don't know how I didn't see it before because I scrub his head thouroughlyu in the tub every other day. So, now we have that to worry about, but I think he's going to be fine. We have been "healthy" for about a week now. Hopefully we are done with the bugs for a while. Amos still doesn't act like himself, he's still very crabby a lot, but he is teething too. So, that probably has a lot to do with his crabbiness.

I will leave you on a better note though. Amos started walking yesterday! It is not his preferred method of mobilization yet, but he keeps trying. I was so shocked, every time we tried to get him to stand he would turn into jelly legs, then all of a sudden he just started walking 4-5 steps at a time. Now, mommy's really gonna have to get her rear in gear to keep up with him=)