Friday, March 29, 2013

Fevers Again?!

Sigh. Well, at least thankfully these fevers are just from getting their shots, and they're not actually sick...but still. Three of my four youngins got shots yesterday. (Ephraim is up to date till he's four.) Levi and Lydia got their "4 year old school shots" (Levi is 5, but since we home school he was allowed to wait) and Amos got his 12 month shots. All 3 of them were supposed to get MMR and Varicella, but since I'm pregnant they can't have the live virus vaccines right now. So, come July, four of my five children will be getting shots. Levi, Lydia, and Amos will be getting their MMR and Varicella, and Addie will be getting her first newborn shots. "Now isn't that something to look forward to" she said sarcastically.

How'd they do with their shots you ask, well, Amos is still too young to really know what exactly is going down. So, he did pretty well. He whimpered a little with the last one since the medicine burns a bit, but other than that he was just fine. Lydia sat there like a pro. She never even flinched with all three shots. Today however she has not stopped crying that her arm hurts, bless her heart. (I'll share a little trick about that in a bit) Levi on the other hand. As soon as the nurse got the needles out he went ballistic. I had to wrap both my legs and both my arms around him so the nurse could give him a shot. You know, 5 year olds are really strong. It took all the strength I had to hold him. He still jerked a bit when she gave him the shot, so the needle cut him a tad. But, I think he is doing better with it today than Lydia is.

So, about that little trick. Vick's vapor rub. If you put a dab of it directly on the shot "hole" it helps with the pain. With ALL of my kiddos shots I have noticed they hurt a lot worse on the shot sight when I don't use the Vick's salve. Also, another thing I have noticed is, when I use the Vick's, they never get that hard red knot where they got the shot. If I don't use it, they do. And the knot is usually hot too, and just looks painful. You have to put it on right after they get the shot though. Like as soon as you get in the car from the docs office. Or else, it tends to not be as effective. So, there you have it. My little "trick".

*Disclaimer* My trick was not shared to me by any doctor, my mom told me to do it, and it worked...I never asked her where she heard it from. So, it could be an "old wives tale" for all I know, but, in my experience it has worked.

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