Saturday, April 27, 2013

Counting Down

Well folks, D-day is quickly approaching! I am ready. This has been my most uncomfortable pregnancy so far. I guess with my muscles having already done this four time before they just don't have a lot of hold left in them. I told the doc at my appointment the other day that it felt more like I was carrying an anvil rather than a baby. Not to mention my hips, I've been trying to make an appointment with a chiropractor just to see if that would help, but no such luck. I really seem to be complaining but I promise I'm not, just stating a few facts. Honestly, I really have enjoyed this pregnancy, and look forward to having another daughter.

 But, on the other hand, I'm not so ready either. I have a lot to do before baby decides to grace us with her presence. I would like to finish my nephew's birthday present (which is already 2 months late). I would like to finish mother's day presents. I would like to PACK MY HOSPITAL BAG, yeah, that one's kind of important. I would also like to organize my "craft" room (but it's ok if I don't get that one done).

With my first 3 children, doc threatened to be away on vacation right around my due date, I guess I wasn't gonna let that happen though, because with all 3 I went into labor just in time for him to deliver before he left on vacation. With baby # 4 doc didn't go on vacation near my due date so there was no worry of that. But alas, with #5, doc just threatened vacation again. My due date is the 30th of May, and doc will be gone the 11th-16th. So, we shall see. If your the betting type, put your bets up she may be here around the 9th-11th:+)

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  1. My bet is May 8th. Uncle Caleb's birthday. We need a double birthday in the family!