Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A Little Anxious

I guess you could say at this point I am a ticking time bomb... just waiting to go off into labor. I have pretty much accomplished the things I wanted to before God decides to bring Miss Addie into the world. However, not everything. Let's review a little checklist shall we?

*Finish Mother's Day presents, Check!
*Pack hospital bag, Check!
*Organize craft room, Check, well, sorta. I cleaned it, not organized it, it won't be organized until I get a shelf or something. And now, it's messy again. So, oh well on that one.
*Finish Nephew's birthday present, not quite. I have made progress though. It kindof took a backseat to Mother's Day. It may not be finished by the time I deliver, but it will be finished soon. I have nothing else to get "in the way" right now, so I will be working on it diligently.

As far as Mother's Day presents go, you will have to wait till after for me to share.  Seeing as just in case one of them happens to take a peak at my blog before, I don't want to give it away.

And my hospital bag, I wasn't lying, it is packed, but I was hoping to have a new diaper bag in that I ordered from thirty-one which still isn't in yet. So, if it comes in before I go into labor,I will switch those things over, otherwise I will just have to do without my pretty new bag.

Are any of you still betting she will be here before the 11th? Well, I am not God, I still don't know. But, I will share that I have had a few contractions. One of them was bad enough, that while I was eating at Panera Bread with my Mom and Sister after shopping at Sam's Club, it actually brought a few little tears to my eyes. I have also got my house to a relatively clean state. And, I have washed and dried all the bed clothes, and re-made the beds. So, you tell me, do you think it will be soon?

Before I had my last two boys, I polished my toenails blue, and put little baby footprints on the big toes. So, this time I did the same thing, I just painted them pink instead. Would you like to see? Ok, but you have to promise NOT to laugh at my chubby little toes. Here you go, a picture...
I admit, it is not the best nail art job it the world, but, let's see you reach your toenails with a "bigger than a giant watermelon" sized tummy. Not so easy huh? What you don't believe me? That's right I don't have any pictures of my preggo self on here, do I? Ok, I'll think about sharing one, but not with this post. Maybe the next. Maybe by then, I won't be pregnant anymore=)

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