Sunday, September 22, 2013

My Weight Loss Journey!!!!!!!

 Ok, time for a brutally honest post about my weight. I'm a little on the heavy side. (I know, I know, that's not the whole truth, but it sounds a lot better than just saying "I'm FAT") So it's time to quit talking and nip this problem in the butt. (Sorry about the language again, I've developed a real potty mouth) When I got pregnant with my first child I weighed a "whopping total" of 103 pounds, and wore a size 4. I am 5 feet tall, so that was a pretty good weight for me.
Now I have 5 children, and with each one I put on a little more weight. Until now I weigh 172.3. Yep, you read that right. I have gained 70 pounds in the last 6 years. That's not a fun thing to think about. I used to run track and cross country in high school, and was in pretty good shape. Now, it takes me 14 minutes to run a mile. That's pretty pathetic, seeing as a mile can be walked (at a brisk pace) in 15 minutes.
So, bottom line, I joined weight watchers last week. I have spent this entire week looking at recipes, and just trying to figure out how the whole points thing is supposed to work. (nutrition does not come easily for was my hard subject) So it's time to get down to the nitty gritty, and start loosin some weight. I took my measurements to track on the site, and took a couple of before pictures of myself (well, hubby took them for me) so that I could share them on this blog. I figured it would give me a little more accountability or incentive if I posted these things on here.
Now the embarrassing part... posting my measurements.
Height: 5 feet
Weight: 172.3 inches
Waist: 41 inches
Hips: 45 inches
Arms: 13.5 inches
Dress Size: 16
Bust: 42 inches
Thighs: 24.5 inches
Hopefully it won't take long to start seeing some results. Honestly, I don't care if I ever see a size 4 again. Really I would just be happy with an 8-12 size frame, as long as it included some serious toning. And in the pictures below, sorry about no makeup. I wanted to wait and take pics after I had put a little makeup on, but it never happened. ( I rarely wear makeup, though I probably should)

So, there it is folks. The beginning of my (hopefully successful) journey. Maybe ya'll could say a little prayer that God gives me the grace and strength to stick to my goals. And it's not just about the pounds, I really just want to be healthy, and have the energy to take care of my 5 rambunctious kiddos. I love to run, I want to be able to run. I want to get in shape. (other than round... VERY round)

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