Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Oh, Kids!

 Recently, (i.e. several weeks ago) My youngsters were told to go to bed. Instead they were upstairs in their room creating "Muppets." At least that's what they called these things. Levi came downstairs and was so proud of his creation. I was torn. Technically, he was supposed to be asleep, therefore he was disobeying, however you have to give it to him this was a pretty darn good "muppet". So, instead I took pictures, then reminded him God wants us to obey, and sent him back upstairs to bed...to go to sleep!
Let me just inform you... this is a size 5/6 shirt with a QUEEN size quilt stuffed into it. I have no idea how he got that giant quilt stuffed in there like that. Only a kid;)

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