Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Because I Needed More Responsibility=)

We got a new puppy. She is a Great Pyrenees. We named her Elsie. And I love her.

We intend on getting chickens and goats next year. (We were supposed to get them this year, but it was a little too much on our plate, with having baby number five and getting the house painted and such) So's we wait till next year. If our plan works out and we do get said chickens and goats, we'll need a "herd" dog. And a Great Pyrenees really fit the bill.

But, if I'm honest with ya, I really just wanted a Pyrenees=) I had one before, his name was Humphrey. And before him I HATED dogs. But there was just something about him that I loved to death. Then one day, Ben went out to feed him in the morning and he was fine, then later that afternoon when I went to check the mail, he was already stiff. I think he was poisoned or snake bitten. I am the one who found him and it really bothered me. I sometimes wish Ben had found him and just told me about it cause I feel like it wouldn't have bothered me as bad that way.

This is Humphrey:

Anyway, back to Elsie. I bought her from a craigslist seller. I'm not going to say for certain that they were running a puppy mill, but it sure wouldn't surprise me. I wish I had the room and money to have got her brother and sister as well, but I really don't need three Great Pyrenees. They told me that she was only 6 weeks old and that they had weaned her the week before. Red flag right there, but once I took her to the vet he said he thought she was more like 8 or 9 weeks old. So, I could relax a little there. The night we bought her, Ben and I stayed up till 3am hand picking fleas off of her. She was COVERED. I noticed there was some bald spots on her and knew it was probably mange, but hoped it was just a flea allergy. After taking her to the vet the next day, mange was confirmed. She also had a pretty rough case of round worms and toxemia. Doc said she wouldn't have lasted much longer. Another red flag was the fact that all Ben had to pay for her were $20 bills, which meant we needed fifteen dollars in change. Instead of just letting us have five dollars off the man went into his house to count out $5 in literal CHANGE. We also didn't get to see the parents because he claimed it was too dark. Nor could he show me a receipt to prove that he had the shots he claimed to give her.

We've had her for a few weeks now. I took her back for a checkup the other day and she is doing much better. she is stained yellow from the lime-sulfur dips I've had to give her for mange.  The hair is growing back in on her paws, although she still looks like she has a possum tail. The vet said it may take some time for it to grow back in. She has already grown a ton since we got her.

We are in the process of building her a doghouse so that we can get her out of the makeshift "kennel" we have her in. (It's a baby gate in front of the walkway to the garage door) We let her out to play with the kids every couple of days. She is good with them, unless it's possible to lick someone to death.

*update* since it has literally been months since I originally wrote this post lots of things have changed. Not long after this was written we let her out to run around as she pleased, and she did all winter. but as Pyrenees tend to do she started roaming and was tearing things up that didn't belong to us and getting in the neighbors horse field, and leaving land mines EVERYWHERE. So recently we've put her on a chain. It is finally warming up outside so we can get out and train her. I would love to train her to go poo in a generalized area but we shall see. I would be grateful for any tips in that area=)

And the reason I waited so long to post this in the first place is because I wanted a picture of her with the kiddos but that's just not gonna happen right now so here's a couple of just her. Yes she is filthy... through the winter she constantly laid n the red mud at the corner of the porch. And there was no way I was going to give her a bath with the temps as low as they were. I'll let the kids bathe her as soon as the weather is warm enough=) I always had fun giving dogs a bath as a kid!


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