Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Tennessee in March

I promised some pictures from our hike in TN, so here are a few. The hike was only supposed to be about 3 miles round trip. But, they had the road closed that led back to the starting point of this particular trail. We had already decided this is the trail we wanted (because of the waterfall) so we decided to walk to the trail. I don't know exactly, but I'd say that added a couple of miles to the trail, then a couple of miles back to the truck.  So all-in-all I think it was around a 6-8 mile hike. I carried Addie to the start of the trail (which was straight up hill, a STEEP hill) Ben offered to carry her, but he was already carrying a 30 pound pack with our lunch, water, and first aid items just in case. So, I felt like I should carry something... and Addie only weighed 15-16 pounds compared to 30 so I picked her=) After we got to the top of the hill though I needed a break. So Ben carried her and the pack through the entire trail, then most of the way back down the hill. I took her back without the carrier and just held her for the rest of the way down the hill. She was tired and hungry and I was trying to console her till we got back to the truck where I could feed her. Up until that point she seemed to thoroughly enjoy the hike.
We saw all kinds of different animal tracks... including a bear track. I took a pick of it next to my foot for size comparison. That was pretty cool. And the trees were huge. The scenery was beautiful. I would say that the turkey sandwiches we packed for lunch was the best food we had there, just because I was so hungry by the time we ate. We sat in the shade while we ate though and I got chilled. SO we ate fast then got back on the trail. We hope to go back and take all the kids sometime. It would be fun to go hiking with them. We'll just have to wait till they're a little older though.


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