Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Addie is ONE!!!!

Ok, so I'm going to start this post off by saying that Addie turned one back in May! I'm just a little behind in getting this post up.
We did a pink and gray theme with elephants. We served subs, then we had cupcakes for everyone else with a small "crash cake" just for Addie. The first pics below are some of the decorations.

                                    I made some cute little cupcake toppers with her name, the number one, and an elephant.                                                   
 I used a toy elephant and spray painted it silver, drilled a hole, inserted the candle, and used it for the cake topper.

And now, for the fun part! Addie gets to eat her cake. She started off by putting one finger in the icing and licking it off. Then she grabbed a handful and stuck it in her mouth.

I guess she liked it cause after she got a good taste she just dove right in!

She would sit up, smile and laugh then go right back at it. 
I guess turning one is hard work because she got SO tired at her party. It really started to show when she was eating her cake. She literally laid down in it and closed her eyes. She would sit up eat some more, then lay back down. She was fighting so hard to keep her eyes open.
Don't worry we didn't let her eat the whole thing. After we took the cake we gave her a bath then let her open her presents. 
And last but not least, for your viewing pleasure, a picture of Addie in her party attire. I used a regular white onesie  and sewed on a number one and a elephant. I also made her a cute little tutu and matching bow.  She was definitely the belle of the ball. And I believe she enjoyed every minute of it.

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