Monday, August 11, 2014

A quick project for Hubby

Hopefully my husband doesn't measure my love for him by the projects I do. Because if he does then he would probably think I don't love him very much. Which, by the way, is definitely not the case. I just find it hard to make him anything that he would actually like. I mean a chevron tie like I made the kids for Easter (post on those coming soon) would definitely NOT be "manly" enough for him. Therefore, crafting for him is a rarity. However, back in March when we made a little trip to Tennessee we made a pit stop at the Smoky Mountain Knife Works. It was there that we saw the below 5.11 tactical shirt. It was perfect for him. Why? Well, there's a little joke in our family, some of us tease him and call him a gnome sometimes. (Because of his beard and his height) He really liked this shirt, but he preferred to have a black shirt rather than a gray one, but alas, there was no black version of this shirt to choose from at the store. So, I said I would make him one.
Sadly, it has taken me until just the other day to actually bring this promise to life. But, I finally did. I'm relatively pleased with the results. It is not exactly like the one at the store, but it's pretty darn close. If I had been able to use a picture of the actual black and white version it may have turned out better, but the only picture I could bring up big enough was full color, and I just printed it off in grayscale. So, there's not quite as much detail as the original, but I'm not complaining, and thankfully, neither is Hubby. Sorry the picture below is such poor quality, I could not find anywhere in my house with good lighting at the time I took it. Not to mention I took it with my cell phone. Obviously, this is not something I could make for anyone else because of copy right laws and such. But from what I understand it's ok for personal use. I'm just glad Hubby likes it, and I actually had a chance to use my crafting abilities for him, for once.

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