Friday, August 8, 2014

Craftin for a birthday

My niece Millie just celebrated her first birthday. Her Mommy and Daddy did an excellent job decorating for her party. They did a woodland animal theme complete with an outdoor/woodsy setting. I have no pictures of her party to share with you, but I wanted to share a pic of the little gift I made her.
It's a pair of crochet booties and headband. Millie's feet are so petite and narrow that it's really hard to find shoes that fit. So, I thought, why not make her a pair? These booties were fairly simple to make, and didn't take very long.
Below the pictures will be a link to the instructions I followed to make them if any of you have a little one that you could make a pair for. There's also directions to make a boys version if your little one is not a girl=)

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