Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Well folks, I have made it to the halfway mark! I am officially 20 weeks along today. Which seeing as I've never yet made it to a due date that technically means I am over halfway=) (watch me go over with this one lol) I get my ultrasound on Monday and the whole family is counting down. Literally the first thing Levi says to me in the morning is "mom, how many days is it now?" Since he has been learning addition and subtraction in math I usually reply "well, how many days was it yesterday?" "right, so how many does that make it today?" We will find out the gender on Monday (Lord willing) I have never been one to wait to find out. I will be happy to share that news with you then, until then what do you think it is? We've voted in this house and the polls are as follows:
Hubby thinks knows it's a boy;)
Levi: boy
Lydia: girl
Ephraim: boy
Amos and Addie: not quite to the point of understanding yet
My mom: girl
My sister: boy AND girl (lol)
Ben's Mom: girl
My Mamaw: girl
Ben's brother: girl
Our sister-in-law: girl
Friend of family: boy
Ben's sister: girl
So far that has us at 4 boy 7 girl and 1 both=) We shall see!

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