Friday, August 22, 2014

Paci Clip's

Ever had a baby that uses a paci and when they spit it out it's always in a public restroom and lands nipple side down directly on the floor? Well, that's not necessarily the case here but sometimes it seems that way. My nephew Eli uses a pacifier and my sister is constantly having to clean it because he spits it out and it lands in dirty places.
She talked about buying him some paci clips, but I was like why do that? I'll make you some! So I did. My sister is really into penguins, and her husband has a thing for batman. So, I made Eli a batman clip and a penguin clip. The "ribbon" part is crocheted and the pictures are made out of felt.
Here are some pics of just the clips, one with the pacifiers and one without.
Here is a close-up of the penguin and batman.
And below are is a couple pictures of Eli modeling the m for you. And again, sorry about the horrible quality pics. They were taken with my cell phone in bad lighting and Eli wouldn't sit still. But anyway, you still get the idea=)


  1. Those are super cute. What kinda clip did you put on the back?

    1. I recycled the ones from the boys suspenders that they wore in Becca's wedding=)