Thursday, August 21, 2014

SEVEN Years Old!

My oldest, Levi, has just recently celebrated his 7th birthday. I know you hear it all the time, but really, where has the time gone? I seriously can NOT believe that Levi is already 7 years old. He is really growing up. He has changed SO much over just the last year it's insane. The two year wait for him seemed like an eternity and then we finally had him (plus a few more=)) and time seemed to jump into overdrive and go for it without ever looking back.
You may have noticed a pattern in his attire in the last couple of birthdays. He has been "into" superheroes for a while. That doesn't mean he can tell you the name of every comic hero or every villain, or anything about them really, but he likes the idea of it more than anything. So, we went with a superhero theme for his party again this year. Nothing elaborate, just a few decorations hanging over the food table.
Levi had a special request for his cake this year however. He asked me a couple months ago if I could somehow put "Daddy's picture" on the cake, "because Daddy is my favorite superhero" he said. Isn't that the sweetest thing you ever heard? So, of course I wanted to honor this request. 
At this point I didn't know edible images existed, but, google quickly made me aware. I called the bakery and asked if they would print off edible images for people. They did, so I asked how much time they needed in order to have it ready in time for the party, and how to store it and things like that. They told me it only took a couple of minutes to print it off and to store it in an air tight baggie, and it was best to use it sooner than later. So, I decided to just get it printed off the day of the party. Unfortunately, it came with no instructions on how to peel it off of the backing, but how hard could it be, right? Well, evidently too hard for me, because this happened: 
Complete FAIL. Needless to say, I was unable to use this on the cake. It was so ripped up is was just awful. So, I resorted to just laying the original picture on the cake and calling it a day. (We didn't eat that picture of course) I was still left dumbfounded though about what I did wrong. The lady at the bakery had told me not to get it wet, or put it in the freezer cause that would dry it out. So, I had no idea what could have went wrong and why it would not come off the backing. Back to the google drawing board I went. Turns out these images are extremely sensitive (obviously) and are affected even by humidity. It WAS  really humid the day of the party. Turns out I should have put it in the freezer for a few seconds to help dry it out and help it release from the backing. Oh well, you live and learn, right?
 I explained to Levi why I couldn't use the edible image and he was totally cool with it. He was still perfectly happy that we were still able to use daddy's picture on the cake, he didn't care if we ate it or not. He opened his gifts in a flash, I wondered if he even saw what he got. Then after everything was wrapping up my kiddos and their cousin Conrad made their own superhero capes. I was so consumed in the chaos helping Amos and Ephraim not squirt puffy paint everywhere that I was unable to take any pictures of said activity. But I can say they enjoyed it very much!

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