Friday, August 15, 2014

This Kid will Sleep Anywhere!

Amos is something else. Full of energy and spirit, but when he gets tired he's out! I mean literally drop every thing he's doing and just go to sleep, no matter where he's at. I've caught a few pictures of this as evidence. (If you notice some of them look a little strange it's because he was in his diaper and I colored him some clothes=)) That's another thing about him. Every night he goes to bed with clothes on, and every morning he comes upstairs with nothing but a diaper. LOL
Lately after we put the kiddos to bed they sneak up to the landing and fall asleep. So here you have Amos and Lydia sound asleep in the middle of the stairs. Ephraim was on the opposite side of Lydia, and Levi was actually in his bed=) We usually leave them there till we go to bed, then we go carry them back downstairs and tuck them in their beds.

Isn't he just adorable all snuggled up in a ball tucked in his bean bag?

The pic left is from a few months ago. He was still learning how to dress himself. He tried so hard to get those shorts on, but, he had them upside down and it just wasn't working for him. I guess it wore him out, he gave up and went to sleep. Yep, just like that, with his shorts partially on. Both feet in the same leg hole=)

 And this one, we were getting ready to go somewhere. He was supposed to be getting his shoes on while I went to find Addie's shoes. When I came back, this is what I found. I guess it was naptime=)

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