Thursday, September 4, 2014

Upcoming Events

I have another lovely post with absolutely no pictures for you all, because I know how much you just love to read what I have to say=) But no, on a serious note, I did think about putting "before" pictures, but I didn't want to spoil anything. What am I even talking about? Unless you can read my mind through cyberspace you have no idea, do you? Well, I have all kinds of fun posts coming up soon on some projects I'm working on. Evidently, all of my 2nd trimester energy decided to just hit all at once, because I started 800 big projects at the same time. Let me just give you a list of said projects:
  •  I am taking out a banister on the stairs and putting in a wall.
  • The new wall will be a gallery wall at the top and a place to hang coats, etc. at the bottom.
  • I am recovering my double stroller.
  • I am removing wall paper, repainting, and possibly remodeling the upstairs bathroom.
  • I am repainting, and putting built in shelves into my soon to be craft room.
  • I am turning a full length mirror into a jewelry box.
  • I am redoing a high chair. (but it's mostly done)
  • I am turning the skinny jeans I just bought into actual skinny jeans. (story on that later)
  • AND as soon as I finish getting the material I am making curtains for my living room!
Perhaps there's more, I don't know, I have so many things going on at the same time it's crazy! I'm not complaining at all, it's my own fault. I didn't have to start them all at once. I just got on a roll and when I got to a point where I had to wait on a project, like for plaster to dry for example, I  would move on to something else. I'm actually REALLY excited to be getting these things done! If you're interested you can read on and I will give you a little rundown on where I stand in each project.

  • On the banister, I have it removed. A frame built and put in, and the drywall hung. I just have to wait to get some drywall tape so I can finish that...and I obviously can't do the gallery wall or anything till I get the actual wall done.
  • On the stroller. I have the two canopy's finished and I will soon be tackling the back seat.
  • On the bathroom. I have the wallpaper off. I spent all day yesterday washing all the goop off the walls left behind by the wall paper. (That is hard work, let me tell ya)
  • On my craft room. I have part of the wall torn out to put in the built-ins, and I have all the trim painted.
  • On the jewelry box. I have purchased the mirror and the wood=)
  • On the high chair. It is painted, (has been for a while) I have the stencil made, I just need to get the paint to do the stencil.
  • On the jeans. I have the jeans=) This job should only take a few minutes though.
  • On the curtains. I have the main material purchased, but I intend on getting some black out material to line them with.
So yeah, that pretty much sums it up. And let me just say, don't expect me to do a new post each day with a new finished project=) Some of these are going to take me a while to finish. After all I am 5 months pregnant, and have 5 other children running around (one of which is being potty trained). Add that to the project list=) Although it's been pretty easy so far (hopefully I don't jinx myself). But, we started Monday, and he's not had an accident since before lunch on Tuesday. He still wears diapers to bed right now though. I guess I'll finish there. Keep your eyes peeled for some "before and after" posts! 

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

New Skirt

I went to Hobby Lobby a couple of months ago, basically just to look around while my Husband was in a sporting goods store. Not that I have any thing against sporting goods stores, but when there's a Hobby Lobby around that will definitely be my first pick. As I was browsing I came across some knit material in their seasonal section. I fell in LOVE! They had it in four different colors and I simply could not pick which one was my favorite. They had mustard, coral, a muted navy, and gray. And they all had the lace stripes on them. In my opinion they were gorgeous. However, since I couldn't pick which color, nor did I know what to make with it just yet I decided not to buy it just yet. I fully intended on coming back though! I just planned on not waiting too long since it was in the seasonal section.
A week or so later, Hubby and I had the opportunity to go on a date. While we were out he took me to Hobby Lobby, and since we were without kiddos he went inside with me. I had pretty much decided I wanted to make a maxi skirt with the material... but there was still one little problem... which color. So, since Hubby was there with me I let him pick. He picked the mustard, and I am very happy with his decision. I am really happy with how the skirt turned out. I did not make it maternity, but since it is knit I could still wear it in the pic below, but that will probably be the last time=)
Taking these pictures was a little interesting. I had Hubby take them for me. I wanted the pictures to be taken with the skirt on because I felt like you could see the skirt better on the person. However, I hate pictures of myself. I wanted these pics to turn out all professional like but what you see is what you get. I'm not a model after all.
And here is a more close up of the skirt. I'm tellin' ya, this skirt was super easy to make. It seriously only took me an hour or two start to finish!