Monday, December 15, 2014


Well, my baby girl lost her first tooth! Granted it had a little help so it kinda doesn't count but it was still her first tooth nonetheless.  What happened, you ask? Well she was rough housing with her brothers and bit Levi's shirt. Naturally he yanked it out of her mouth and lo and behold her tooth was loose. 
 Originally we left it alone thinking maybe it would tighten back up, but over the course of a few days it just kept getting looser, so I decided it was time to pull it before she swallowed it.
 I explained to her what I was going to do so she knew what to expect and I told her it wouldn't hurt because as loose as it was I was pretty certain that it wouldn't. I sanitized my hands (we were in the car so I couldn't wash them) then I literally reached in her mouth and lifted the tooth from the gums with my finger and thumb. Seriously, that's how loose it was. 
It bled a little so I gave her a wet wipe to put in her mouth, then I showed her the tooth and she just started bawling. Not because it hurt, but because she wanted her tooth back. We had explained it before but I told her again that she would loose all her teeth eventually and new grown-up teeth would come in and replace them. It helped a little but I think she still felt sad.
Although, I think after her visit from the tooth fairy she was just fine.

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